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Somebody May Be STEALING Your Identity -- RIGHT NOW!
Here Are The SHOCKING Facts You Absolutely MUST Know!

Identity Theft is the FASTEST growing crime in America and the UK.

Here are a few facts you probably DON'T know:

bullet Every day, over 50,000 people become VICTIMS of Identity Theft
bullet 85% of victims don't even find out about the theft, until they're denied credit
bullet The average victim spends over 600 hours and $16,000 sorting out the problem
bullet It takes the average victim a staggering EIGHTEEN MONTHS to return to normality!
bullet One in TEN adults will be victims of Identity Theft in the next five years
bullet The amount of cash spent during an average Identity Theft crime is $100,000!

Scary Statistics, Eh? But It gets EVEN WORSE!

Why? Internet users JUST LIKE YOU are a staggering FIFTY TIMES more likely to experience Identity Theft than non-Internet users.

Right now your computer is giving away more information than you even want to think about. Whenever you use it, you're leaving behind a trail of information just waiting for an Internet thief.

If you've ever bought anything online... If you've ever used file-sharing software, such as Limewire or Kazaa... If you've ever had popups appear on your screen... If you've ever downloaded software from the Internet... If you've ever signed up for a PayPal account... Then your computer may contain private information, or be infected by spyware.


Thankfully, there is a SOLUTION...


Introducing the World's LEADING Identity Theft Protection Tool
For 100% GUARANTEED Around-the-Clock Protection!

Anti Identity Theft works by secretly protecting all of your private information, as you use your PC.

It kills adware. It removes tracking cookies. It deletes temporary Windows files and empties your Recycle Bin. It protects critical data such as your credit card details, mother's maiden name, and full address - and stops Internet thieves, hackers and even nosy family members from accessing your private information.

But it doesn't stop there. Anti Identity Theft also erases your instant messenger logs, your application history, your deleted e-mail messages, and many more items - with almost 120 BONUS plug-ins.

We protect you at the SOURCE. Unlike rivals, who ask for your credit card details and social security information so they can "monitor" your accounts... for a monthly fee. Who would YOU trust?

Anti Identity Theft puts IRON GATES in front of even the most ADVANCED hackers. It stops them gaining access to any of your private information - including ANYTHING you enter onto Web pages.

It's TOTAL, round-the-clock PRIVACY PROTECTION - from Internet hackers AND family members!

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But that's just the START of how Anti Identity Theft protects you...


SPYWARE Is Behind Over 90% of All Identity Theft!
Discover EXACTLY How Anti Identity Theft PROTECTS You!

As most people know, more than 90% of Identity Theft is the result of a spyware, adware or malware infection. These are nasty software programs designed to steal your information and send it to others over the Internet.

In fact, someone could be monitoring your actions RIGHT NOW and you wouldn't even know about it.

And it doesn't matter if you already have VIRUS software or FIREWALL software installed on your PC.
These WON'T catch spyware, adware or malware!

But Anti Identity Theft will It's FAST and EASY!

Anti Identity Theft will automatically scan your PC for spyware, adware or malware trying to steal your private information. And, with your consent, it'll instantly KILL any such programs dead. Plus it'll keep running in the background on your PC, constantly scanning for new spyware tools - so you'll ALWAYS be protected.

With over 100,000 spyware definitions, and a FREE lifetime subscription to the update service (worth $29.95 per quarter), this is one tool that beats the rest. It's produced in association with Spyware IT!, ranked spyware leader in side-by-side comparisons.

Seriously. Just TRY doing a scan on your PC -- see HOW MUCH spyware the other tools COULDN'T find!!

Our software even provides advanced protection, such as proactively monitoring for homepage hijacks - the first step in typical spyware Identity Theft. With Anti Identity Theft, you'll NEVER have your identity stolen!

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"Check Out This EXCLUSIVE Guide on Identity Thieves!"
Discover the SECRETS of HOW Identity Thieves Work
-- So You Can Stay AHEAD of their Game!

With every single attack making some hacker $100,000 richer, you're a SERIOUS target.

And you need to know EXACTLY how to protect yourself - and how to fight back if you ever get scammed, online or off. We've created an exciting, thirty-three page PDF book guaranteed to answer all your questions.

It's called "The Ultimate Identity Theft Guide" and, just like all of our software, it's ONLY available from this site. Here's what you'll learn inside its pages:

bullet Discover EXACTLY what Identity Theft REALLY is - Forget the hype, learn the truth!
bullet The SECRET Scams You DON'T Get to Hear About - What criminals do and how they do it
bullet The Little-Known ID Theft "Alert Service" - Free subscription warns you of an attack
bullet The THREE Companies You MUST Know - These USA & UK groups will sort your problems
bullet HOW to Spot When You're Under Attack - And EXACTLY what to do about it!
bullet The DOZEN Windows Tune-Up Tricks - And HOW they'll protect your identity, for GOOD!
bullet Your "Just In Case" ACTION Plan - Discover the EXACT steps to take, if you're a victim

It's a CRITICAL part to your security toolkit, and makes a great addition to your personal bookshelf.
And we're the ONLY group providing such an extensive resource guide with our software.


Right Now Your Computer Is Absolutely NOT SECURE.

You MUST Take Action to Protect Yourself IMMEDIATELY!

Anti Identity Theft is the ultimate tool for protecting your privacy.

It ensures you NEVER have to go through the struggle of having your identity stolen. Remember the facts: $16,000 in personal expenses, 600 hours of your own time, court expenses, over $100,000 in debts, and a likelihood that this WILL happen to you over the next twelve months.

Realize that you NEED to take ACTION, TODAY.

And the best way to start is to purchase the entire Anti Identity Theft package.
Especially because it's currently reduced to JUST $27.95... 



Purchase BEFORE midnight, February 4th 2019,
and you'll also receive FOUR EXCITING and EXCLUSIVE software tools.
You'll receive Password Saver for keeping your login information safe.
You'll get RAM Booster for speeding up your PC.
We'll send you Net Booster for speeding up your Internet connection.
PLUS, you'll receive our FREE Virus & Firewall Reports.

Sold elsewhere for $29.95 EACH, these bonus items are ALL yours,
totally FREE of charge... when you purchase before midnight, TODAY!

Exsclusive Offer
So let's review EXACTLY what you get when you purchase the Anti Identity Theft package TODAY!
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Full Anti Identity Theft Software FULL Anti Identity Theft Software
Full version of the world's only tool designed EXCLUSIVELY to combat Identity Theft. Includes one-click Internet privacy functions, computer history removal, real-time spyware, adware and malware protection, and MORE.
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The ULTIMATE Identity Theft Guide The ULTIMATE Identity Theft Guide
Your FREE copy of our exclusive thirty-page guide PDF book to protecting yourself from Identity Theft, online and off. Includes everything you need to know, with a full list of emergency offline contacts.
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FREE Lifetime Spyware Updates: FREE Lifetime Spyware Updates
We constantly upgrade our spyware definitions, so you're always getting the most cutting-edge protection possibly. And when you purchase, you receive a LIFETIME subscription to our updates. No hidden costs!
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FREE Total Password Saver: FREE Password Saver
Nervous about storing your passwords on your PC? You should be. Password Saver ensures you never forget a password again, and stores ALL of your critical details in a single encrypted data file. Total identity theft protection!
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FREE RAM Booster & PC Booster: FREE RAM Booster & Net Booster
Find your PC slowing down and frequently crashing? Install the full commercial version of RAM Booster and enjoy smooth, fast PC operation all day long. And what about your Internet connection? Ensure you're running at top speed, with Net Booster.
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FREE Virus & Firewall Report: FREE Virus & Firewall Report
If you don't have virus or firewall software on your PC, you're further exposed to Identity Theft risks. With this report, you'll learn how to grab the latest versions of leading virus and firewall tools... LEGALLY, and for FREE!
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FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support: FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support
Our support team is on hand around-the-clock to any questions you may have. We guarantee to get you up-and-running in the quickest time possible. With an average response time of just four hours, and frequent online chat, we're only a click away!
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Remember, if you DON'T act now - it could be a matter of just DAYS before you're landed with a $100,000 bill, a staggering SIX HUNDRED HOURS of lost time, and a WHOLE YEAR of court appearances and legal expense before your life returns to normal.

You Are Taking A HUGE Gamble!

Get The BULLETPROOF PROTECTION of Anti-Identity Theft.

You can download your copy of Anti Identity Theft, with all the bonus software tools, IMMEDIATELY.
It costs just $27.95 and includes lifetime support. Simply click on this link to grab your copy, today:
Click HERE to buy Anti Identity Theft NOW!
Total price: $27.95, converted to your local currency.
Approximately �17.95 or 20.95 Euros.

Software will be delivered instantly via a download link. Windows PCs only.

Still not sure? Click here to view screenshots, read our FAQ, or check out our testimonials.